GreenBox Grown Intro & Autoflower Time-lapse

8 months agoApril 28, 2018
I'd reccomend titling this video as currently its listed as GBG Site vid1, its sitting on your home page and when someone presses watch it pops up and the user dosent know what they are watching.
Dylan Osborn
8 months agoApril 28, 2018
Hi Tristan and thank you for the recommendation!  Much appreciated
5 months agoJuly 19, 2018
thank you for the recommendation!  Much appreciated any samples m8
4 months agoAugust 8, 2018
Appreciate you taking the time to instruct and educate novice and beginners. I myself have never grown on the onside that said it's been years since the last time I grew on the inside. Being rusty is an understatement. My Brother and I are both coming out of retirement moving our families to Colorado in the Spring of 2019 to start another business from the grown floor. This will be my 4th business in-which I started out very small and developed said business to maturity and had buyers clamoring to purchase. I think the cannabis business with be different, I love growing things and to be able to grow this wonderful plant legally is going to be a blast!! This Business will stay in the family... in the end when my day are over I plan to have my ashes fertilizing a nice 70'S STYLE COLUMBIA-GOLD OR A COLUMBIA RED BUD.
Dylan Osborn
4 months agoAugust 10, 2018
Not a problem at all and thank you for watching!  Glad you enjoyed the video and sounds like you have a lot of amazing opportunities coming your way.  Best of luck to you in your new venture, and Im gonna have to have my ashes Fertilizing a big ole Jack Herer Plant!

Happy Growing!
3 months agoSeptember 8, 2018
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